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By level of professional skateboarding types
Dec 05, 2016

Toy plate

Toy slide-only skateboarding, beginners can also be used. Beginners should choose a flat slide site, slide to wear elbow pads, wrist guards, knee pads, helmets and other protective gear. However, if you are really determined to start your career, then put your piece in the hands of children!

Professional Board

Professional boards, this is the real skateboarders who should know and are familiar with, and your ultimate career ever since with it as partners. Because the riders doing all kinds of difficult moves and a wide variety of patterns, even bizarre games, so all the various components of professional strength, as well as a variety of performance indicators should meet the requirements.

Specific Street and u Pool Road, downhill slopes, are not very different, u pool Board wide bridge relatively soft, road surface for a long (in fact, roads have independently developed into another game, referred to as LongBoard), downhill slopes have a higher bridge and pneumatic tyres.