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Electric-driven skateboard kits are not cheap but very useful
Dec 05, 2016

This unit can make skateboards turned "small electric motor" and a top speed of 22 km take you to work

Today's market is already "lazy bones" world, the appearance of walking, like intelligent balancing Segway Mini Pro, floating skateboards, electric vehicles and other personal Electric transportation device, can easily meet people's demand for short-distance travel. (Of course, the premise is that you have to have the money. )

And now, Eon Board is also worthwhile.

According to the verge, recently, Unlimited named Eon Board Engineering designed a suite of electric scooters. With this kit, lets any skateboard into a super fast electric transport, speeds and with a maximum speed of 22 kilometers, taking you to work or any other place over short distances.

It is understood that Eon Board is a low-drag engine and replacement battery pack, and as long as known as "regenerative braking" system, electric-driven skateboard Kit to every time you slow, partial charge, improving mileage.