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Introduction of the Skate Board
Dec 05, 2016

Surface is the most important part of skateboard parts. Panel selection has a great influence on the properties of your skateboard. So what kind of Board is the best one? It depends on your needs. You need a high Ollie? Or do the slide well? Also is the most durable? We'll look at several different criteria for selecting skateboards.

Skateboard shapes. This is used for the selection of skateboard most commonly used standards. When selecting a shape, need to pay attention to a number of factors. Length, width, length, tail length, bridge. Most of the width of the skateboard 7.5 inches to 8 inches. There are also narrow, or wide, but most of the difference does not exceed one and a half inches. Best familiar with the "inches" this unit, because the market and Web-panels are in units of inches, if each of them converted to cm is very troublesome.

Selection when skateboarding, to a number of other areas. If your Board is broken, cracked, you need a new one. If you use tail brake, tail edges became sharp, this is called "razortail", this model is easily broken into small pieces, then would reduce the Board's flexibility. Water will also reduce the Board and rip the elastic. All of these factors will affect the elasticity of the surface (or length, if you like).

As for durable, not a Board has the absolute advantage. Most of the Pan is 7 layer Board, is made of 7 sheets glued together. Some companies say their boards are very light, which mostly use the thinner planks, or fewer layers, or sheet metal cross-glued. These methods allow you to board a little bit lighter, but they also make the Board slightly vulnerable. Some companies even more layers or more CONCAVE to increase durability.