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Skateboard culture
Dec 05, 2016

With the development of skateboarding, skateboarding technology catching up with its proto-surf. Gaifante (Alan Gelfand) invented the Dolphin jumping (The Ollie), the skateboard community pay more attention to high-tech show, has had many such as Hawk (Tony Hawk) slightly and Kabala (Steven Caballero) star. By skateboarding, the famous tour organised by the company brand promotion activities, bring huge benefits to businesses, has become a commonly used industrial marketing techniques. Riders of dirt is heavy clothing, retro shoes become the world trend, and related music (New Wave Music,Punk,Hip-Hop) also reached the peak, their languages, skills, apparel and music constitute a unique skateboard culture. 

United States Skateboarding enthusiasts up to 4.5 million people! Because skateboarding is so thrilling, exciting. In the late 60 's, skateboarding is strictly prohibited by the Government, once as "underground project". Until the middle of the 80 's, skateboard project is public release, I see, making this urban fantasy sport making a comeback. Skateboarding superstar Tony Hawker, and Andy McDonald in the eyes of many young people is undoubtedly the Super Idol and like Michael Jordan, Pete Sampras.