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Skateboard safety
Dec 05, 2016

Skateboarding is a relatively safe sport. Here are the 1997 United States sports injuries chart. Can see skateboarding injuries as a proportion of the total number of is very low compared to other sports, actually came in after the fishing!

This may be because of skateboarders usually wear protective equipment, such as helmets, knee pads, elbow pads, hand protector. Usually in a variety of movement of the skater on the pool u need to wear all of these equipment. Because they impede movement, skateboards, and street slowly, the impact of small, many street skateboarders don't wear these, but should at least wear a helmet.

Security on the other hand comes from yourself. Do not do more than my actions, don't make difficult actions in unfamiliar locations. Do tricks before you view the terrain, proximity to dangerous goods, such as broken glass, sharp top of the fence, not to carry sharp objects.

Skate buying guide with the popularity of extreme sports, more and more young people have joined the so-called ultimate extreme skateboarding. Because skateboarding has a strong ornamental characteristics and ease of learning, many enthusiasts to try. First thing to do is to be selected. Skateboarding is normally provided by Board, skateboard wheels, skateboard stent as the main component, is also part of the higher costs, a good skateboard usually need to configure. Other parts such as bearings, sand paper, screws and other small items.