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Skateboard support
Dec 05, 2016

Support on wheels, is the most durable part on a skateboard. You can use it in a variety of surface grind on. They can make you turn. And you know that they are important, and we take a look at the bridge of the composition: it is made of hollow shaft/shaft, bridge pin, bushing and base composition.

Base plate (baseplate) is fixed to the surface of the part from the basement through a coarse screw nail (kingpin), you can adjust the tightness of the nail the flexibility to control the bridge. The nail is the most easily damaged parts on the bridge, but this can be replaced by parts. The nail is above bushing (bushing), each bridge has one large and two small bushings, they have different hardness. As you use and "abused", they will burst and then your bridge cannot be tightened. Lucky is that many manufacturers replace bushings are provided by the bridge, have a choice of different hardness.

Support is a matter of "smooth shafts" (axle slip), this kind of thing will you do-Board side, the axis is perpendicular to the ground (term called Primo) occurs. Shaft sliding in the sleeves, side wheel is tight, side wheel is very loose. General way to handle this is Primo a Board to the opposite direction then, but it is conceivable that long slide shaft problems only got worse. Many companies claim that their bridge is "antislip", you can give it a try.

Don't listen to what people say good bridge is tight or loose. It all depends on your preferences. Pine easy to turn the bridge, close to the bridge more stable. You can also slightly tighten the rear axles so that Ollie is more stable.