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Skateboard wheels
Dec 05, 2016

On your skateboard wheels are not attached to the parts, but the wheel determines when you feel. Look where you are sliding--the street, u-pool swimming pool or indoor courts--this will determine what kind of wheels you choose (including the size and hardness of the two). When you're faced with a skateboard shop a wide variety of wheels you mouth water, you might think they are just look different, it is the same, you're wrong.

Colors and designs may be an important factor for you when choosing a wheel, but the function is more important. If you want to choose the best set of wheels, there are several key without any wheels can fit all surface (you think, Oh, I took several sets of wheels at any time to change it? ), Most of the time if you are in the same taxi, you don't have to worry about, follow this guide to consult experienced skater or you can make the best choice.

Wheels are made from polyurethane, which is a chemical synthesis of hard rubber, by changing the proportion of chemical constituents to improve the performance of the wheel. Every company has its own formula, so you will feel different to use. You want to find the ideal wheel must be not only has good flexibility and a certain degree of hardness, the speed is fast and durable. Famous company is trying to do this by altering the different formulations.