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Skateboarding category-chronological
Dec 05, 2016

In the early 1990 of the 20th century, skateboarding has gone into a trough. Because in times of skateboarding generation, skate from one side to two, resulting in a number of previous-generation skateboard action impossible. This is skateboarding skill moves (technical tricks) era. Riders who invented a lot of new moves. In order to make it easier for skateboarding Flip Skateboards became narrower boards, the wheels became smaller. The width only 7 inches during a typical skateboard, wheel diameter of only about 39mm. Skateboarding makes it easier to make complex actions like this, but smaller-wheel prevents the glide performance.

Skateboard before in the 1990 of the 20th century can be divided into:-Street (Street) skateboarding; fancy swimming pool (pool) skateboarding; half-pipe (half pipe) slide; flat-free (freestyle flatland) skateboarding; mountain-downhill (speed downhill) Board of five categories.

In the 1990 of the 20th century after the skateboard can be divided into:-Street skateboards (ordinary skateboards), downhill (long boards), fish (including fish) consists of three major categories, which do not include fourth-generation skateboard (skateboards) and fifth generation of skateboarding (fuel powered skateboards).

Street skateboarding, there are many fans and players;

Pool Freestyle skateboarding and half-pipe skateboarding are merged into a high-profile fancy (Vert), skateboards;

Flat free Freestyle skateboarding has been lost;

Downhill-downhill skateboard some enthusiasts call a long Board;

Then pan yet another skid down the downhill (Luge), lying on a with four wheels on the sled and the bracket play downhill skateboarding, it is stimulated by skateboard downhill drop.