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The development of skateboarding
Dec 05, 2016

By the middle of the 50 's, molded polyurethane foam and fiberglass instead of wooden surfboard. These surfboard mobiles and durability makes surfing in the late 50 popular. [1]

Skateboarding is an extension of surfing on land. Former limited by geographic and climatic conditions, whereas the latter have more degrees of freedom. Residents of sunny southern California beach communities soon produced the first skater in the world.

Today, it is quite a simple invention: 50*50CM piece of wood fixed to the roller iron wheels. Even such a simple exercise, because it provides surf brings the same feeling, also has attracted enough interest.

However, this first generation of skateboards due to its backward (too heavy, inelastic, and steering mechanism is not sensitive wheel too slippery), skateboarding is not as popular as it is today, the earliest skateboards in skateboarding videos of the prohibition (Ban This).

The 2nd generation of skateboarding was born in 1962. It is made of oak plywood suppressed by 15*60 cm panels consisting of roller skating steering axle and plastic wheels. Compared with the first generation of skateboarding, the skateboard will undoubtedly be a leap forward in technology. However, this skateboard plastic wheel performance is still not satisfactory. His small friction sliding plate zig zag out of control; and his low elasticity is skateboarding experience even minor obstructions will halt, sliding hand down. Meanwhile, his resistance to wear is so bad. Nevertheless, this Skate is still generally welcomed by riders. After all, compared with the previous generation of skateboards, it has evolved to a large extent, relatively large surface makes it easier for riders to stand up and manipulated. Domestic sales of skateboard most belong to this second generation product.