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Audi Hid Electric Skateboards In Bumper
Dec 05, 2016

Audi at the Beijing auto show this week unveiled a new concept car, the car's biggest highlight is hidden within the car has an electric skateboard, whatever you want to drive to their destinations, or by full speed skateboard forward, everything depends on your mood. This concept car will be formally put into production in the third quarter of the fiscal year.

This electric skateboard is made from aluminum produced by today's top technology and carbon fiber. Skateboarding has two modes: the first mode to normal mode, just plain will travel by skateboard, similar to the current balance of the car; the second model for the freight transport mode, users with smart phones or watches set the routes, the skateboard can be reached like or what you set position. Because skateboarding has automatic charge function so you don't have to worry about in the way of power consumed.

Field of the current car has too many Auto Mall of choice combined with technology, the introduction of more cars of the linkage with the smart device. Audi introduced this concept car is another change in the smart car. Better user experiences to smart devices bring convenience to life.