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Characteristics Of Batteries
Jul 27, 2017

                The negative electrode of lithium ion battery is very graphite crystal, the cathode is usually lithium dioxide. The lithium ions are embedded in the graphite layer by the positive electrode moving to the cathode during charging. When discharging, the lithium ions are removed from the anode surface of the graphite crystal. Therefore, in the battery charging and discharging process, lithium is always in the form of lithium ions, rather than in the form of lithium metal. So this battery is called lithium-ion battery, referred to as lithium battery.Batteries

                Lithium battery has the advantages of small size, large capacity, light weight, no pollution, high voltage of single section, low self-discharge rate, many cycles of battery, but the price is more expensive. Ni-CD battery is being phased out because of its low capacity, severe self-discharge and pollution to the environment. Ni-MH battery has a high performance and price ratio, and does not pollute the environment, but the monomer voltage is only 1.2V, so it is limited in the scope of use.Batteries

                Lithium battery features 1, with a higher weight energy ratio, Volume energy ratio 2, high voltage, single lithium battery voltage of 3.6V, equal to 3 Ni-CD or Ni-MH rechargeable batteries in series voltage; 3, self-discharge for a long time storage, which is the most prominent advantage of the battery, 4, no memory effect. Lithium battery does not have the so-called memory effect of Ni-CD battery, so the lithium battery does not need to be discharged before charging; 5, long life. Under normal working conditions, the frequency of charge/discharge cycle of lithium battery is much greater than 500 times, and 6 can be recharged quickly. Lithium batteries can usually be recharged at 0.5 to 1 time times the capacity of the current, shorten the charging time to 1-2 hours, 7, can be used in parallel; 8, because the battery does not contain cadmium, lead, mercury and other heavy metal elements, pollution-free environment, is the most advanced green battery; 9, high cost. Compared with other rechargeable pools, lithium batteries are more expensive.Batteries