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Circuit Protection Device For Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Oct 13, 2017

For lithium battery pre-charging is not very understanding, why to preload, in fact, this is mainly because lithium-ion batteries have a higher energy ratio, if directly into the fast mode of power, will affect the battery life or damage the battery, in order to avoid this phenomenon has a pre-charging theory.Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

For lithium-ion battery manufacturers, in the battery design are built-in line protection board, usually in the case of rechargeable battery is very rare, but if the battery at first, will bring many aspects of the hidden trouble, such as protection board failure, long time to place the self-discharge rate, and so on, when the battery is over the release will cause the recovery of active substances difficult, This first with a small current charge to 2.5V to 3.0V, and then converted to fast charge, rechargeable batteries can effectively solve the problem of overcharge.Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

Many consumers are using batteries have a misunderstanding, want to quickly full of electricity, select a large current fast charge, this is a wrong point of view, charging current is not the greater the better, take the monomer lithium-ion battery, it's charging methods include constant current, constant voltage charging process, The constant current setting value is 0.1c~1c, while charging for large currents shortens the charging time, it also causes the battery life cycle to shorten and reduce the capacity.Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

In the use of lithium batteries, in order to correctly understand the importance of rechargeable batteries, lithium battery in the design process of the increase in the preload function is to the new battery to recharge, and should choose constant current value for lithium battery charging. Lithium battery charging voltage can not exceed his maximum voltage, generally speaking, the battery monomer is generally 3.6V Maximum charge voltage is 4.2V so lithium battery charging will be in advance constant current pressure, The charger output voltage must be kept at 4. Below 2V, we use the lithium batteries, the protection of their own circuits, the protection of the circuit itself will limit the charging current and voltage, but the charging voltage too high will damage the protection circuit into an accident. So you can see the maximum charge voltage on the lithium battery.Rechargeable Lithium Batteries