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Electric-driven Skateboard STARY Why Contour So Common But Can Also Fire All Over The World?
Dec 05, 2016

STARY electric skateboards as a skateboarding brand in China, ever since Kickstarter to raise on the website "showing", you in the world of skateboarding fame both at home and by many non-fans who love skateboarding and in order to reduce walking in hot pursuit, as well as the media of all countries on the basis of interviews, Korea KBS radio, Russia CRI radio and so on. And TV plays in the East of the reality show the ultimate challenge as Zhang Yi Xing transport, lamb played awfully.

When it comes to concepts of electric scooters, both from abroad and the national STARY is definitely not "the first person to eat crabs" products. Like foreign electric skateboards Blink Board, Boosted Board, ZBoard 2, Yuneec E-Go etc. Electric-driven skateboard and each brand has its own characteristics, and some can be controlled by using g-sensor skateboard, some replacement tires-holed pavements.

STARY hidden under the appearance of a seemingly simple cool and safe performance at the same time, also has a leg up on the foreign advantages of electric-driven skateboard brands, over million research and development production of exclusive accessories: flexible battery. As well as other parts of the design and exquisite details on the figure of the product.

Stary electric skateboards and other products, no longer see prominent appearance of the battery

Do not underestimate this battery, it is not only the brand in its category in terms of battery innovation "pioneer", but also guarantee the appearance of minimalist beauty effect, and wantonly in you Gallop in the course of exercising, don't have to worry about battery damage and other problems. Stary will be led this series of advantages over other similar brands at home and abroad.