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Electric Scooter Purchase Error Count
Dec 05, 2016

Myth: body the quality the better

As a highly portable travel equipment, electric scooter users riding weight is often discussed topic, consumers would generally require the volume of electric scooters as compact, light body as much as possible, to facilitate the user carries on the bus and subway. Especially for women, this is especially important. General Electric Scooters use high strength aluminum alloy materials, in pursuit of the lighter weight, and electric scooters quality is determined by many factors, so the body weight of the reference objects cannot be used as electric vehicle quality. Many electric skateboard car are has folding function, folding Hou can push pulled or mobile, convenient user out carry and storage, in purchase Shi this is consumers need focus consider of factors one of, or buy back of electric skateboard car and heavy and cannot folding, is instead will became travel of burden, which also can proved, electric skateboard car of quality and body weight and no directly relationship.

Myth: the faster the better

At the time of buying an electric car, consumers easily electric scooters speed as a condition for considering the purchase of one of the thinks that as long as the speed of the faster instructions electric scooter performance is excellent, in fact is not the case. Under the "new rules" of specific provisions, current electric vehicle speeds must be 20km, and shall weigh not more than 40kg, more than would be included in the motor vehicles, more stringent management. For electric skateboard car for, best of speed should for 18~20km/h Zhijian, is less than this speed to up to travel of actual role, is greater than this speed instead will brings security hidden, after all for a small round diameter of electric skateboard car for, for road of adapted capacity poor, need a relative smooth of driving State, in driving process in the also need select road better of road, while speed should not be had fast, to guarantees itself of riding line security.