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Electric Skateboard Parts Take You To Understand The Importance Of Balance
Aug 20, 2017

     Intelligent electric balance car and electric scooter are very popular in recent years, the intelligent means of transport, both are clean electricity for the energy of green vehicles, but also the current commuters favorite travel equipment, but the balance of the car and electric scooter What is the difference? Electric Skateboard Parts
     The intelligent electric balance car is divided into two-wheeled balancing car and a single wheel balance car, which is a popular means of transportation in recent years. Compared with a single wheel balancing car, the learning difficulty of the double-wheeled balancing car is lower, because when we are learning the double wheeled balancing car, we need to ensure the balance of the car before and after the ride, the patience of the rider, the skill is difficult to learn. and electric scooter is not like intelligent electric balance car so difficult to learn, as long as standing in the car can drive, no great difficulty in learning.Electric Skateboard Parts
     Because of the different battery life ability, the use of intelligent electric balancing car and electric scooter is different. The balance of the car is compared with short-distance transportation and public transport to travel, the car body small, easy to carry and transfer; electric scooter is more suitable for half-way, because there are two kinds of station, sit two types of riding, bazaar long-distance ride is not easy to produce fatigue. So the electric scooter is more widely used than the intelligent electric balance car.Electric Skateboard Parts
    In fact, smart electric balance cars and electric scooters are the new technology products of portable travel, smart electric balance car models are easy to carry, and can seamlessly connect all kinds of public transport, travel is more portable; electric scooter is the use of aluminum alloy material, relatively lightweight, generally can be folded, the appearance of small fashion, easy to carry. Electric Skateboard Parts
    When there is no electricity can be folded with electric scooter on the bus or as luggage into the subway, the road near the words can also glide home, are more convenient. The intelligent electric balance car relies on the body center of gravity to carry on the front or back of the bodywork, so it is relatively free in operation; electric scooter is the same as the traditional electric car, accelerator start, brake stop, left and right turn is the faucet control, easy to operate.Electric Skateboard Parts