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Electric Skateboard Three Structure
May 18, 2017

Electric skateboard Inexpensive, very energy saving, charging 6 hours of power ride more than 20 kilometers, the maximum speed up to 32 Michael, which is absolutely suitable for any age (> 12-year-old) Friends of a choice; compared with the electric bicycle, it is beautiful, easy to operate, and because the seat center is low, driving safer. Therefore, electric skateboard has been very popular abroad, in recent years began to emerge in the country. In the near future, electric skateboard is expected to become a popular trend, and will inevitably set off a energy-saving trend.

Electric Skateboard First, the handlebar height slightly lower and chest, conducive to grasp, not conducive to control handlebar, too low use long will feel tired. Usually, the handlebar and the body in the vertical direction, only on the turn of the handlebar twist, if the handlebar always left or right, the car will be in a direction in circles, prone to wrestling. Of course, easy to fall with the size of the wheel, material use is also related, wheel large and material softer, buffering the role of the larger, encountered small ditch or uneven pavement security a lot.

Electric Skateboard Second, before learning, it is advisable to have the experience of riding tricycle, which is easy to grasp the handlebar skills to control the steering of the car; After using an electric skateboard, the adults can quickly grasp the bike glide method, which will help ride two wheels of bicycles in the future.

Electric Skateboard The three structural functions of electric skateboard are as follows:

1. Electric Skateboard You push the ground and the direction of the strength. Aside from the force can make the speed faster, the direction of the force is also important, the direction of the right. Your force can maximize the work of the scooter.

2. Electric Skateboard Pavement, smoother and faster. And you are not familiar with the road, afraid of something stuck wheels. A little scared in my heart. So the speed is not up. This will check the pavement beforehand.

3. Electric Skateboard Bearings, bearings turn fast, flexible, the wheel is fast, fast.