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Go Skateboarding Day
Dec 05, 2016

This Festival is by the IASC (International Association of Skateboard Companies) organized, go skateboarding day belonging to the riders in the world. June 21 is the United States first day students left for the summer, so everybody will be the first day of the holiday is skateboarding. This is the original intention chose skateboard day, hoping the popularity of skateboarding to be more widely and support, hope more people understand and accept skateboarding, make more friends to join skateboarding.

Skateboarding is not to dazzle, not to be cool, just for my own account, and an explanation of their rage. We would like to skateboard and skateboarding in itself, it makes sense. Skateboarding is exercise, challenge yourself, a way to freedom, you can test yourself well.

Let go of your things, go out of the classroom, out of the Studio, today all you have to do is step on your skateboard in the street, and enjoy the day with your Skate friends happy times. This day belongs to skateboarding, you enjoy it! carry your skateboard, bring your camera, we just for the free skate and skateboard!

If you are an avid skateboard, then stepping on your skateboard on this day to celebrate go skateboarding day!