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I'm Going To The All Wheel, Guangdong Roller Skating Trials Begin
Sep 25, 2017

South Network Sports News (reporter Zhu Jiangwei) May 11th, sponsored by the Guangdong Province Social Sports Center, Guangdong Province, Shunde District Association of roller sports culture and Sports Bureau, Shunde District Sports Association, Shunde District, Guangdong Skating Association Senhai sporting goods company limited, "I want to go to the Games" the Thirteenth National Games of the people skating competition project of Guangdong province contest officially kicked off, the Provincial Sports Bureau quanyun Sports Bureau Group Office, province, province of social sports center, Shunde District Sports Bureau leaders and Guangdong Senhai sporting goods limited company responsible person to attend the opening ceremony and on-site guidance. On the same day, the skateboard competition began at the Shenzhen Shekou skate court, where four rounds of competition were held and 12 athletes from Guangdong will be selected for the National Games in 3. In addition to the skateboarding events, the trials also feature freestyle skating events, which will be held at Beijiao square, Shunde District, 13.

In recent years, skateboarding has attracted the attention of young people. With extreme sports characteristics, skateboarding has become an excellent project for young people to challenge themselves and show themselves. The National Games trials have given these young people who have been sweating on the streets and parks all the year round, a chance to get on the national stage. Participate in the skateboard project trials of 23 players, there is a girl. Her name is Huang Yan, 20 years old, is from Shenzhen Institute of technology Junior, she from the television to see the skateboard project and fell in love with the sport. She started practicing skateboarding from the height of her first year, and she practiced it for 5 years. To participate in the trial, she believes that the competition gave her the goal of pursuit, so that they grow up under pressure.

The trials and practice the "National Health Huimin, China" run game concept, to promote the two roller skating, skateboarding fashion health trend in the province within the movement, guide the masses to participate in roller skating, increase the participation of ordinary people, through the layers of selection, better promote the national fitness activities carried out widely, further stimulate people actively participate in sports activities and sports enthusiasm.

According to the National Games competition project qualification match people skating, the trials, with local residence in Guangdong, the army and the expulsion of 16 to 40 year old citizens can apply for entry. The trials brought together from the province's nearly 100 contestants competed, including project bowl pool and skateboard street two sports freestyle skating project fancy around the pile and speed over piles of two projects.

The contestant was in the province and even the national competition had achieved excellent results, slide project assembled the province's outstanding amateur players, many players have received a number of domestic and world skateboard tournament better ranking; freestyle project won the five session of Guangdong Province, the freestyle game speed slalom champion player, also last year the national College freestyle skating championship players, the organizing committee will be based on merit selection results, to participate in the Tianjin games skating project of national qualifiers.

It is reported that Guangdong has been a major province of roller skating, a good foundation for the masses, roller skating by young people in our province favorite. Guangdong year round carry out freestyle skating, speed skating, roller skating events, nearly 10 provincial events, the province's nearly 100 events at all levels of skating events. In addition, the project board first entered the National Games, and skateboard project is the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games, I believe that through this competition can promote skateboarding in the promotion and development of Guangdong vigorously. At the same time, through this selection, we can select the most powerful skaters in our province on behalf of Guangdong to participate in the competition, and show the level and style of the mass sports athletes in our province.

AddNo.2,House,No.21 Heyuan,Nanming District,Xinchang,Zhejiang Province,China

Contact:alex Lv