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Inspection Method Of Electric Skateboard Parts
Nov 06, 2017

The shell and main parts are made of close casting, strong structure, high strength and no deformation, beautiful appearance, smooth and clean conveying channels, ensure smooth flow of materials, will not form a blockage; blade-type Gate design, closed by the slope force on the valve seat, good sealing; polishing accuracy can reach #, can reach food grade, drug grade requirement Electric Skateboard Parts

According to customer requirements to select a variety of materials: Stainless steel (SS304, ss304l, SS316, ss316l), carbon steel and so on; a variety of driving modes to choose from: Manual, Electric, pneumatic, board valve a variety of flange can be selected to turn: round flange and square flange; perfect control system can improve automation level, Ensure efficient operational reliability.Electric Skateboard Parts

Long-term storage of the skateboard valve should be regularly inspected to remove dirt, and in the processing surface coated anti-rust oil. After installation, should be regularly inspected, main inspection items: sealing surface wear. Wear condition of trapezoidal thread of stem and stem nut. Whether the filler is obsolete or not, if any damage should be replaced in time. After the board valve is repaired and assembled, the sealing performance test should be carried out. The operation of the skateboard valve, a variety of valve parts should be complete, intact. The bolts on the flange and the bracket are indispensable, the thread should be intact, and the loosening phenomenon is not allowed.Electric Skateboard Parts

The fastening nut on the handwheel, if found loose should be tightened in time, lest wear connection place or lose Handwheel and nameplate. If the handwheel is lost, it is not allowed to be replaced with a live wrench and should be matched in time. Padding gland does not allow skew or no pretension clearance.Electric Skateboard Parts 

For the easy to be affected by rain and snow, dust, sand and other pollutants in the environment of the skateboard valve, the valve stem to install protective cover. The ruler on the skateboard valve should be kept intact, accurate and clear. Skateboard valve seals, caps, pneumatic accessories should be complete intact.Electric Skateboard Parts