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Like The Reasons For The City Scooter
Apr 29, 2017

Like the reasons for the city scooter

As a high popularity of the city scooter products, small partners like Z5 are the reasons why? 

Today, Xiaobian to sort out a part of the answer to the riders reply, the following together to

 see it.

As a city scooter products, since the advent of access to a lot of users of praise. Today, Xiao

 Bian will say that this product what the charm of the small partners who are because of what 

kind of reason to like it.

· The model is small enough

Scooter models are very small, only 8 inches tires, the width of the road is not high, so it 

will not be affected by traffic jams, can also be in the city through any alley. And after 

folding is also very portable, able to seamless access to a variety of modes of transport, 

both can take the bus, subway, can also be put into the car trunk, make up for large-scale 

travel equipment, lack of flexibility, There are 13.15kg, carrying up and no pressure at all.

Easy to fold

A lot of folding equipment, folding operations are very complex, but it is very simple. It 

only need to fold in turn the pole, the main frame, pedal can be, and the folding joints of

 the elastic moderate, do not need extra effort, will not be forced to fold is also difficult 

to fold the situation. At the same time, also taking into account the collapse of the whole body

 after the state, the top of the bar in the design of a hook, after folding can just hook the 

rear of the groove, to ensure that the body is not loose, so carry more easily.

Tide is very fashionable

As a means of transport, there are many small partners will be regarded as a single product 

trend, because it is very clean and simple lines, full of science and technology, the main body

 painted black or white, can be a variety of clothing style, riding Line in the crowd absolutely 

back to the rate of burst table. In addition, it is driven by electricity, very low-carbon 

environmental protection, is the green travel to force the election, which has been low-carbon 

family favorite.

· Riding comfortable and comfortable

As a short-distance travel equipment intelligent scooter maximum ride speed of up to 20km / h, 

the maximum climbing angle of 30 °, able to adapt to most of the city road conditions, so that

 riders from the walking efficiency and fatigue. It can also adjust the height of the pole can 

be able to deal with the different height of different riders free to adjust, so that riding 

comfort is improved. Also equipped with high-intensity lighting headlamps, and brake taillights,

 night travel, do not have to worry about the road too hard to see the obstacles, or smaller 

models will be ignored by other passers-by so that the collision and other issues, absolutely 

safe and reliable The

AddNo.2,House,No.21 Heyuan,Nanming District,Xinchang,Zhejiang Province,China

Contact:alex Lv