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Main Points Of Skateboard DC Brushless Motor
Sep 07, 2017

     Traditional electric car is the use of brushless DC motor Drive, because the need to brush commutator, resulting in low efficiency of the motor, must always maintain maintenance, motor afraid of vibration, damp, dust, rain, etc., can not adapt to bad environment. Brushless DC Motor Brushless DC motor drive can be used to solve the problem together, because no carbon brush slip ring, so the motor can be made into a closed type (IP-55), do not worry about the problem of bad environment, starting torque can reach 400~600%.Skateboard DC Brushless Motor
      Brushless DC Motor In addition to maintenance, its operating efficiency is higher than the brush DC motor about 30%, while the more valuable is the use of square wave drive (intermittent power consumption), the current duty ratio is very low (unlike the brush DC motor consumption of continuous current), so for lead-acid batteries to provide the time to repair the electrode, Therefore compared to the DC brush motor can extend the battery capacity of about 30%, that is, the use of brushless DC motor drive life compared to the brush DC motors can be raised about a double.Skateboard DC Brushless Motor
      Proven by sales performance, brushless DC motor products applications in forklifts, cleaning cars, sightseeing vehicles, electric CMB, and other car batteries to replace the traditional brush motor, motor capacity can be reduced by a grade, the volume of 2/3, weight reduction of more than half, the battery capacity of about one times, climbing power, starting torque up to 400%, Can be launched on the slope. Traditional traction motor is driven by DC brush motor, because the motor carbon brush commutator problems, resulting in maintenance trouble and difficulties. Brushless DC motor can not be made into a closed-type structure, so it is not suitable for application in bad environment. But trams are mobile devices that must withstand harsh conditions and jolts, These are precisely the conditions that the brushless DC motor cannot accept.Skateboard DC Brushless Motor
      Brushless DC motor using permanent Magnet brushless bldcm control principle, there is no carbon brush and commutator, so the motor can be designed to withstand a variety of weather environment of the closed-type structure, the motor does not maintain the problem of maintenance, and simple structure, resistance to jolt vibration, long life. Brushless DC motors and DC brush Motor comparison, the average efficiency is higher than about 10%, the low-frequency torque is greater, starting torque can reach 400~600%, running more smoothly, is the best choice for trolley drive device Skateboard DC Brushless Motor