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Maintenance Of Casters, Casters?
Dec 05, 2016

Always check the caster and wheel structure and tension in the side on a regular basis, or both ends rotate the casters, casters, check the following items:

1, solder or welding and floor is broken

2, nut and bolt loose

3, check the equipment due to overloading or structural deformation of the violent collision, heavy weight is not evenly spread over one or two Hooke′s joints wheel Castor will lead to universal, deformation of wheel casters, wheel can't rotate.

4, if it is equipped with insertion of casters casters, ensure the mounting holes are not bent and stick tight.

5, use the lock nut and lock washer to install casters

6, confirm the expansion sleeve installation location is fastened in place. Casters, caster factory in Shanghai, casters, casters