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Monolith Electric Scooters: The Secret Is Hidden In Wheels
Dec 05, 2016

Although we've seen a variety of electric scooters, but most of them use the same setting – in the underside of the slide installed an electric motor, motor driven by the bond one or two wheels. In United States California Inboard Sports designers, would like to change this setting. They made the Monolith is the world's first to the two rear wheels are equipped with in-wheel motor-driven skateboards.

According to the view of Inboard Sports, skateboarding uses in-wheel motor direct drive with more advantages.

On one hand, no motor was not securely hanging below the slide, it may be caused by damaged or skateboards are blocked by obstacles. In addition, two waterproof in-wheel motor more light than using a single large motor. Finally, because the wheels are not connected the drive link, more freely rotate at sliding.

Skateboard users using Bluetooth hand-held remote control to control the speed skateboard, plus they can also be set using the included applications in primary, intermediate, and advanced to adjust the corresponding acceleration and top speed. In advanced mode, the skater can reach a top speed of 24 miles per hour (about 39 km/h).