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Precautions For Use Of Single Electric Skateboard
Jul 07, 2017

              Hoverboard is a more "hover" (suspension) feet of the single wheel electric skateboard, equipped with gyroscopes to allow beginners to easily control. The electric wheels in the middle can provide a maximum speed of 16 mph, a single charge of 12 miles per hour, and a 16-minute recharge to the road after no electricity. Such a cool outfit B, hold on!Single Electric Skateboard

              Electric scooter, small shape, easy to carry, and energy-saving, green environmental protection, simple operation, applicable to different regions, safe and reliable security, can be easily integrated into your daily life, for you to bring unprecedented driving experience, is very a a good portable means of transport, can replace the bus and subway, is also a rest entertainment super partner. We will, as always, with a keen market insight at home and abroad partners together to develop a new product culture and business model for people to promote the perfect products and services, together to create value.Single Electric Skateboard

            Any means of transport is a security risk, electric twist is no exception, so you need to know more about the product safety precautions, and in the process of careful. 1 can not be accelerated and rapid deceleration, not excessive before tilting back to the body, prohibit speeding; 2 If there is a risk of fall, please to protect the safety of the main, do not consider electric twist car! ① before riding, recommended to wear a good helmet, gloves, elbow, knee pads and other safety protection supplies, ② not in the car on the road, and people more places to ride; ③ unfavorable in bumpy road ride, such as Dirt road, gravel road, ④ should not be in more than 30° up and down the ramp riding; ⑤ does not recommend learning and cycling for children under the age of 15; ⑥ does not recommend riding in the cold winter in the north, and ⑦ may not ride on motorways.Single Electric Skateboard