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Protection Of Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
Sep 07, 2017

      Lithium battery Protection Board principle: Lithium battery Protection Board according to the use of IC, voltage and other different circuit and parameters, below to DW01 with 8205A to explain: Lithium battery Protection Board its normal operating process is: when the battery voltage in 2.5V to 4. Between 3V, the DW01 1th foot, 3rd foot output High level ( equal to the supply voltage, the second foot voltage is 0V. Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
       At this time DW01 1th feet, 3rd foot voltage will be added to the 8205A of the 5th 4 feet, 8205A two electronic switches because of its G pole received from the DW01 voltage, it is in the conduction state, that is, two electronic switches are in open state. At this time, the negative electrode of the battery and the P-end of the protective plate are connected directly, and the protection plate has voltage output.Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
      When the battery through the charger normal charge, as the charge time increases, the battery voltage will be higher and greater, when the battery voltage rise to 4.4V, DW01 will think that the battery voltage is already in the charging voltage state, then immediately disconnect the 3rd leg of the output voltage, so that the 3rd foot voltage to 0V, The switch tube in 8205A is closed because of no voltage on the 4th leg. At this point the battery B is in a disconnected state from the P-Shield. That is, the battery charge circuit is cut off, the battery will stop charging.Rechargeable Lithium Batteries
       The protection board is in the overcharge state and has been maintained. After the p and p of the protective plate are on the discharge load, because at this time, although the charge control switch closed, but the inside of the diode is the same direction as the discharge circuit, so the discharge circuit can be discharged, when the battery voltage is placed below 4.3V, DW01 stopped charging protection status again at the 3rd foot output high Voltage , so that the 8205A of the overcharge control tube conduction, that is, the B-and the protection of the core-P-again, the battery can be normal charge and discharge.Rechargeable Lithium Batteries