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Quality Casters How To Determine It
Dec 05, 2016

Castor was used not only to promote the progress of society, as well as in our lives has developed with a great deal of influence we have casters, furniture chairs casters, as well as some large machinery in the industry now that in order to facilitate the movement in accordance with the casters, casters use gives us much convenience. The caster to see in our lives, is not produced by it can use, and it also underwent a series of tests before packing, packaging, use. Casters for different materials and of course it's testing requirements are not the same, then we walked into kaixin professional manufacturer of casters manufacturers, I see it is the means through which to test the casters, and finally qualified as a Caster.

1, reciprocating wear test:

Castor reciprocating wear test simulates the actual rolling casters in daily use, putting its obstructions and obstacle-free testing two casters are not allowed in the testing process or other part from in trials after the end of each of the casters should run its normal function, trials rear wheel rolling around the shaft rotation or brake function should not be damaged.

2, rolling resistance and resistance measurement of rotation:

When the caster moves or to control the direction, power must be passed on to the wheel and to overcome some resistance through objects, depends on the size of the resistance: weight, diameter, round material, round face shape, caster rotation of venues, and so on.

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