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Rechargeable Lithium Batteries Charging Circuit How To Reduce Costs
Aug 11, 2017

                 Lithium battery charging circuit how to reduce costs: 1, normal use, adjust the VR1 potentiometer can get the corresponding output voltage. 2, charge different capacity lithium ion battery: Can change R12 and R20 resistance, the required current value can be set according to the formula of the previous calculation. If the current is too large, it is necessary to add a heat sink to the T1, and the continued flow diode should be replaced by 1n5822 to withstand greater current. 3, charge high voltage lithium battery: Just change R10 or R17 can be, the specific output voltage value can be calculated by formula after setting. 4, for high-precision power supply: Its output voltage principle is consistent with the above, but the need to pay attention to ripple, it is possible to increase the inductance of the circuit inductance and filter capacitance, in order to reduce the ripple.Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

                The lithium battery can not use the constant pressure directly on the 3.6V, lithium battery resistance is small, directly loaded 3.6V voltage, approximate with power circuit, 317 end voltage is definitely down, cause unable to charge, want to guarantee 3.6V voltage to increase the power supply capacity, lithium battery can not stand ~ ~ Playing with lithium battery charger know, during constant current charging, the power supply voltage and actual battery voltage gap is very small, generally not more than 0.5V.Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

                When the battery is discharged through an external load, the battery voltage will slowly decrease, while the DW01 interior will monitor the battery voltage in real time through the R1 resistor, when the battery voltage drops to about 2.3V DW01 will think that the battery voltage has been in the Over-voltage state, then immediately disconnect the output voltage of the 1th foot, so that the 1th foot voltage into 0V, 8205A in the switch tube because of the 5th foot voltage and closed. At this point the battery B is in a disconnected state from the P-Shield. That is, the battery's discharge circuit is cut off, the battery will stop discharging. The protective plate is in the discharge state and remains. After the p and p of the protective Plate are charged to the voltage, DW01 by B-detection of the charge voltage immediately after the discharge state, again in the 1th foot output high voltage, so that 8205A in the discharge control tube conduction, that is, the B-and protection of the core of the P-and again, the battery charger directly charged.Rechargeable Lithium Batteries