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Rechargeable Lithium Battery Development And Progress
Jun 07, 2017

    As we all know, mobile devices in recent years in the battery life problem into the bottleneck period, the major lithium battery manufacturers have to increase the battery capacity to solve this problem, but the capacity of this program is not a long time, but determined Innovative change researchers have never given up, and finally found a new solution recently, that is the condensation method, this method can ensure that lithium battery safety conditions to enhance the endurance, and can be bent, can fully adapt to Possible removable mobile devices.

    So what is condensing in the end? In fact, it is simple, that is, vertical alignment of the battery with ice template solid electrolyte structure, enhance the conductivity. The birth of this new type of battery is also just for the concept of flexible smart phones and tablet pave the way.Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

    Right now, the market can be recharged lithium battery liquid electrolyte with high flammability, easily lead to security problems. Therefore, the Columbia University School of Engineering and Applied Sciences decided to try to use solid electrolytes instead of flammable liquid electrolytes.Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

    Because of the fact that traditional liquid electrolytes are extremely easy to burn, they use ice templates to give ceramic solid electrolytes a vertically aligned columnar structure. Batteries using ceramic solid electrolytes are significantly safer and more conductive. This method of making the battery is also very curious, the production, first in the bottom to join the ceramic particles and cooling the aqueous solution, then let the ice grow, part of the ice has been frozen aqueous solution, so that ceramic particles in the battery into the mainstream. Finally, to create a vacuum environment for ice sublimation to steam state, so to complete the vertical alignment structure. After taking the vertical alignment structure, it needs to be combined with the polymer, which is a macromolecule composed of many repeating subunits, which can provide mechanical support and more flexibility for the electrolyte.Rechargeable Lithium Batteries

    Flexible solid lithium, whether on mobile devices or electric vehicles, can solve the security problem once and for all, while also increasing the energy density. At that time, we believe that as long as the combination of ceramic electrolyte vertical alignment structure and polymer electrolyte, can let lithium ions open the fast lane and enhance the conductivity of the battery. This is the industry's first use of ice template to produce flexible solid electrolyte, the new electrolyte is not only safe and reliable, but also non-toxic harmless. The new solution optimizes the conductivity of lithium-ion, opening a window for the development of next-generation rechargeable batteries. After the use of solid electrolysis, the original lithium battery anode layer can be replaced by lithium metal, and this can enhance the 60 ~ 70% battery energy.

    At present, the team ready to optimize the quality of the combination of electrolyte and try to install this new battery, so that the future of lithium battery safe endurance more and more strong.Rechargeable Lithium Batteries