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Skateboard DC Brushless Motor The Characteristics Of
May 18, 2017

Characteristics of brushless DC motor

1, can replace DC motor speed, inverter + inverter motor speed, induction motors + speed reducer;

2, Skateboard DC Brushless Motor has the advantages of the traditional DC motor, while canceling the carbon brush and sliding ring structure;

3, can run at low speed and high-power, can save the reducer directly drive large load;

4, Skateboard DC Brushless Motor small size, light weight, large output;

5, the torque characteristic is excellent, the medium and low speed torque performance is good, the start-up torque is big, the start-up current is small;

6, Skateboard DC Brushless Motor stepless speed regulating, wide speed range, overload capacity;

7, soft Kai-stop, braking characteristics of good, can save the original mechanical braking or electromagnetic braking device;

8, Skateboard DC Brushless Motor high efficiency, the motor itself does not have excitation loss and carbon brush loss, eliminating the multistage deceleration consumption, comprehensive energy saving rate can reach 20%~60%.

9, high reliability, good stability, strong adaptability, simple maintenance and maintenance;

10, Skateboard DC Brushless Motor the shock resistance, low noise, small vibration, smooth operation, long life;

11, does not produce sparks, particularly suitable for explosive sites, explosion-proof type;

12, Skateboard DC Brushless Motor according to the need optional trapezoidal wave magnetic field motors and sine wave magnetic field motors.

Advance of brushless DC motor

Skateboard DC Brushless Motor Electric vehicles are mainly used in urban traffic, most of the time is in start-up, acceleration and braking work state, so the motor start-up performance, acceleration performance, low speed efficiency, braking energy regeneration capacity, motor overload capacity, motor energy density, motor reliability of electric vehicles is particularly important, is the measurement of electric motor vehicles important indicators. The maximum efficiency point of General Motors is designed in the vicinity of the frontal fixed-point, when the load deviates from the point, the motor efficiency decreases sharply, affecting the vehicle's continuation mileage. The switched reluctance motor has a large torque at low speed, but the efficiency is low, the permanent magnet synchronous motor has high efficiency, but the torque cannot be promoted at low speed.

Skateboard DC Brushless Motor Only the skateboard brushless DC motor has all the advantages of the above motor, it has a series of DC motor speed torque lifting function, and the DC motor speed regulating performance, permanent magnet synchronous motor high-performance characteristics and close to the asynchronous motor reliability, very suitable for the needs of electric vehicles