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Skateboarding Has Been Applied For The Tokyo Olympic Games Projects
Dec 05, 2016

According to Japanese media reports, the Japan skating Federation involved has revealed that taking into account the popularity among younger audiences, has applied to the Organizing Committee of the Tokyo Olympics in 2020 to skateboard as a new Olympic sport. As the Olympic host city, Tokyo may propose new events. At present, the skateboard has been included in the Japan domestic final selection list.

Japanese media said it was the intention of the international Roller Sports Federation, to underscore the popularity of skateboarding for young audiences high. New project selection criteria the International Olympic Committee attaches great importance to young people in their favorite sport. Skateboarding has high popularity in North America and many other places, is "summer XGame" one of extreme sports game.

Japan sports-related sources, the skateboard as an implementation project has been applied and road roller skating Marathon.

Japan domestic final filtering, Tokyo organizing Committee will be held from August 7 to 8 8th in Tokyo heard through the primary statement of the international sports federations in October for the candidate lists submitted to the International Olympic Committee.