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Suggestions For Beginners Of Single Electric Skateboard
Aug 11, 2017

                  In recent years, more and more skateboarding enthusiasts have begun to pay attention to the electric skateboard, which can not only be used as a common skateboard, but also can be used as a normal transport balance. But for those who have not touched the electric skateboard, this seems to be a little difficult, some base to even the basic principle is not clear, I want to say is, if you want to touch a new thing, must first have a full understanding of it, know the channel has a lot, such as degrees Niang.Single Electric Skateboard

                  When you have a general understanding of the electric skateboard, you can make a perfect upgrade to your own scooter, of course, you can also buy the machine directly, the market price is generally around 2500, attention, I mean in the case of quality assurance. The author notes that Taobao has appeared some very low price of the whole board, the price of 1600 yuan. Want to say, this is Taobao, what kind of price will appear, so-called a price a piece of goods, although the price of Taobao has been thousands of sellers pressure very low, but below the cost of the situation is not much. Buyers who are not troublesome can also be argued by contrast, for example, to see the price of a single electric skateboard accessories, and then add, the opportunity to pack less than the price of accessories, but not too far, if the difference is too large, then the use of accessories must be cheap, in other words, quality is not guaranteed.Single Electric Skateboard

                  Battery: The battery is more than lithium battery, $unit, 6 S, 25C, 35C, etc., generally choose 6S, 25C. As for capacity, you can choose from 5200MAH to 10000MAH. Capacity is not the greater the better, according to their own accessories and needs, if you want to buy a large capacity of the battery, it is best to consult the electricity transfer seller. In general, 6 S, 25C, 5200MAH can run about 12KG, the impact of the voyage is a lot of factors, such as motor, wheels and so on, so this data is just a ballpark data.Single Electric Skateboard

                  Five remote control: A wind-powered skateboards, coupled with a simple and practical remote control that is very comfortable. The high rate of use in the market is the gun-type remote control, simple, practical, and affordable. The remote control is divided into two parts, which is controlled by the hand and is also the firing part. There is also a small piece connected to the electrical modulation is the receiving part, which is the transmitting signal and receiving signal. Different brands of remote control, launch reception can not be mixed. Some new players, do not ask how much the receiver voltage, this is a meaningless problem, the electrical modulation given the signal voltage is the same, as long as there is electric adjustment, connected on the OK. Also do not use the electric bicycle controller to modify the electric skateboard, it only power in and out of the interface, there is no signal transmission interface. Unless you take a wire and hold it in your hand, act like an electric car.Single Electric Skateboard