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The British Children's Scooter Has Been Included In The Inflation Index Calculation
Apr 20, 2017

The British children's scooter has been included in the inflation index calculation

In the UK, children like to play the scooter this trend is affecting the calculation of the price

 index, children's scooters have been officially entered the British inflation rate calculation

 of a package of goods. "Scooters replace the items that are swaying, and the swing is now getting

 rare, especially in the winter." The British National Bureau of Statistics officials said.

In the process of British statistical inflation, reference from the country's 20,000 shopping

 malls of 700 goods and services. In addition to scooters, there are gin, seasoned cider, plain

 milk (such as soy milk, almond milk), men's fitness dress, adult jigsaw puzzle. Which gin in the

 inflation of the basket after 13 years to return to the stage, which is now increasingly popular

 brewery factory results.

2017 Newly Infended Commodities Basket items include special gin, children's scooters, semi-coated

 chocolate biscuits, bike helmets, plain milk. The goods that were removed from the bullish 

basket of goods in 2017 included mobile phones (people turned to smartphones), mint cigarettes,

 children's swing, stopped "checked out"

According to the Belgian Trade Association, last year's sales of gin in the UK increased by 16%,

 the first time exceeded 1 billion pounds, of which 474 million pounds of gin exports abroad.

 Euromonitor Consulting in the latest industry report predicts that gin will beat mixed whiskey

 in 2020.

The inflation commodity basket reflects the consumption habits of the times and calculates the

 inflation rate by calculating the cost of living. A series of goods were replaced, children's

 scooters instead of swing is one of the most obvious signal: parents to buy gifts for children 

to spend habits are advancing with the times. The National Bureau of Statistics of the United

 Kingdom made this decision because they thought that children's scooters were not yet a popular

 item and evolved into a family's daily consumer goods.

Scooter history dates back to the 19th century, "most scooters are home-made, mostly wood or

 easy to get the material, because of its simple design." Esther Lutman, London Children's

 Museum Assistant director said. The wave of modern scooters originated in 1996, when the

 founder of the micro scooter Wim Ouboter in Switzerland produced the first folding aluminum 


AddNo.2,House,No.21 Heyuan,Nanming District,Xinchang,Zhejiang Province,China

Contact:alex Lv