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The Components Of The Electric Skateboard
Jun 07, 2017

    In recent years, more and more skateboard enthusiasts began to pay attention to electric skateboards, which not only can be used as a common skateboard, can also be used as a normal balance of the balance of vehicles. But for those who have not touched the electric skateboard enthusiasts, this seems a bit difficult, some base to even the basic principles are not clear, I want to say is that if you want to touch a new thing, we must first have it Understand.

    When you have a rough understanding of the electric skateboard, you can own a scooter to do a perfect upgrade, of course, you can also purchase the machine, such as viewing a single electric skateboard accessories prices, and then add, The opportunity to install slightly lower than the price of accessories, but not too far, if the difference is too large, then the use of accessories must be cheap, in other words, the quality is not guaranteed.Electric Skateboard Parts

    Ordinary skateboard modified electric skateboard, the vast majority of players or choose their own DIY, need to increase the accessories are: motor, electric transfer, battery, motor bracket, remote control, synchronous wheel.

    1, the motor: most players are playing ordinary skateboard, based on this point, the first play electric skateboard players, no sense of brushless motor is suitable, and the price is slightly lower than the feeling of dozens of dollars. To the number of KV values, the smaller the value of the larger torque, according to their own situation, generally have 270KV, 320KV, 400KV.Electric Skateboard Parts

    2, the tone: the market there are many brands of electricity, the price is also relatively large difference, under normal circumstances, do the whole package of electric skateboarding accessories will have their own products to fit the sale of electricity, of course, will consider the cost-effective and after-sales, etc. All aspects of the final conditions to determine the brand. More than the market on the 120A ESC, the factory default is one-way, that is, only forward file, no back file, you can ask the seller bidirectional, or buy a programming card to set their own parameters. Electricity is the most vulnerable part of all skateboard accessories, so the full warranty and aftermarket is necessary.

    3, the battery: the battery is more lithium batteries, 4S, 6S, 25C, 35C, etc., generally use 6S, 25C. As for the capacity, optional 5200MAH to 10000MAH. Capacity is not the bigger the better, according to their own accessories and needs, if you want to buy a large capacity battery, it is best to consult the electric transfer seller. Under normal circumstances, 6S, 25C, 5200MAH can run about 12KG, there are many factors affecting the range, such as motors, wheels, etc., so this data is only a rough data.Electric Skateboard Parts

    4, the motor bracket: motor bracket is a side of the bridge polished round interface, installed in the wheel next to the fixed motor. So players buy a motor bracket to confirm whether they can polish the bridge, can not be used by the seller to buy another polished bridge. Of course, the market also some of the motor directly installed in the wheels of the wheel.

    5, remote control: there is a pull the wind of the electric skateboard, coupled with a simple and practical remote control that is very comfortable. The use of the market is relatively high gun type remote control, simple, practical, and affordable. Remote control in two parts, in the hand is the control part, but also the launch part. There is also a small piece of connection to the ESC on the receiving part, that is, the transmitted signal and the received signal. Different brands of remote control, launch can not be mixed.Electric Skateboard Parts

    6, synchronous wheel: synchronous wheel is connected to the motor and the wheel of the device, the motor rotation, driving the belt to pull the wheel rotation. Under normal circumstances, the ordinary electric skateboard can not be directly equipped with synchronous wheel, because the synchronous wheel needs screws fixed on the wheels, and ordinary skateboard wheels are no screw holes, the player can drill their own, you can also buy electric skate wheel