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The Intelligence Of Electric Skateboard Parts
Oct 17, 2017

Lightweight, flexible, affordable, widely used in people's daily life, is the ideal feeder in public transport systems. However, the current market for micro-electric vehicles is limited to its size, weight and operating mode, micro-electric vehicles are not easy to carry, and the admission of more space. In order to solve the above problems, this paper firstly studies and analyzes the existing micro electric vehicle, and through the design and improvement of the structure, a new type of miniature electric vehicle is developed, which can be easily used, easy to carry and save space after storage.Electric Skateboard Parts

In addition, in order to reduce the structure form of micro-electric vehicle, this paper also proposes to control the micro electric vehicle by using attitude angle information obtained from attitude sensor, and the mobile phone as information display and control interactive terminal. The main work is: according to the existing market sales of micro-electric vehicles, a design can be in the horizontal and vertical two-direction folding micro-electric vehicle, and the kinematics of the model. According to the design of the folding micro-electric vehicle, the related control method is proposed.Electric Skateboard Parts

The suitable sensor module is used as the controller, the Bluetooth communication module, the PID control module, the periodic speed measurement module, the PWM pulse width modulation signal generation module and the Attitude reading module are developed, which realizes the control and interaction, and obtains the accurate attitude angle by using the sensor data fusion method based on the complementary filter. According to the motion control strategy of the attitude angle, this paper gives the solution to the jump phenomenon of Euler angle in defining the domain boundary, and also analyzes the errors appearing in the operation and gives the method of error operation.Electric Skateboard Parts