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The Origin Of Electric Scooters
Dec 05, 2016

At least 100 years ago, handmade primitive scooters have been in industrialized cities. A common hand-made scooter was fitted under a Board of skates wheels, more convenient to handle, relies on a leaning or simple connected by a second Board to control the direction of the pivot, is made of wood, 3-4 inches (75-100 mm) wheels with steel ball bearings. The structure of another "advantages" is a lot of noise, like a "real" car. Another structure is divided into two parts: before and after a metal roller skates, connected by wooden beams.


Will Yu October 27, 2014 in Sanya opened big scene of 2014 China (Sanya) poker game Championship and the World Poker Tour game China station (following referred to WPT China game) continued warming, hosted party joint all company came message, the game will again introduced hi-tech products--United States Coolpeds electric skateboard car, 2014WPT events staff will driving Coolpeds city travel device, for entries who provides more efficient, and more quality of service. Poker girl the world will drive this innovative means of transport to and from the site, together with the contestants feel brand new "technology road", and on October 27, 12:00,Coolpeds will bring a title play-off, 2014WPT adds more exciting.


Looks very stylish, very compact, you can collapse was brought on the bus is not a problem, if in near his home around or go outside to play is a very good small recreational vehicles, mainly carrying is very convenient. Electric Scooter performance.