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The Trend Of Electric Skateboard And The Comfort
Jun 30, 2017

     Technology improvement: 1, from the previous single post shock absorption to double shock, so that the ride up more comfortable rest assured that 2, the battery can be easily disassembled, convenient for some because the car heavy upstairs cumbersome; 3, increased car seat and handlebar distance, even 1.9-meter of the height of the row will no longer feel the legs crowded 4, the motor add heat sink, more beautiful than before, while the stability of the motor and the service life is increased by 5, most of the electric scooter using lithium battery folding, high 1.2M, wide 14cm, long 1M folding 25cm Ci 14Cm, life 30 kilometers, weighing 29 kg, can be easily on the bus, subway, EMU waiting.Electric Skateboard
    First of all, the overall model is very bright eye, the right simple design, whether it is riding to date, go to work, or weekend to play, can be easy to deal with, looks very fashionable, I believe that this is what the modern urban users need. 14-inch tires, with special tread design, grasping the performance of good, whether it is road, cobblestone trails or sand and other road conditions, can be easily responded. And, equipped with 235W strong power wheel motor, can achieve the fastest 20km riding speed. Even better, there are three types of rides that can be chosen, depending solely on the mode of the electric vehicle of the hub motor and the battery, the bicycle model that relies entirely on the human pedal, and the power-assisted mode that consumes part of the power that requires a foot pedal. That is to say, you want to exercise, you choose to trample on the bicycle mode, to save effort and ease, the choice of no need to pedal the electric vehicle mode, but also want to exercise and do not want to be too tired, choose to have 11 booster gear optional Power mode.Electric Skateboard
    Not only did the ride up not tired, in terms of folding, as much as possible to simplify the folding steps. Only by pressing the specific button at the rear of the car can the main frame of the R6 be automatically contracted and stretched to achieve the folding and scaling function. When the main frame is folded, simply open the buckle of the retention lever, and then drop the lever to complete the folding of the car. Isn't it easy? In detail design, R6 is also extremely intimate, with a lot of small and wonderful power function.Electric Skateboard