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The World's First Real Single Electric Skateboard
Jul 27, 2017

             Electric scooters have been in the early 90, but they always require the user to match the extra components, from the handheld throttle to the sensor array of the Microsoft Kinect, people can not find the traditional surface feeling. The Zboard skateboard is fitted with an electric drive system and a gravity-sensing system that will be the first truly electric skateboard.Single Electric Skateboard

             It is reported that Zboard was the first automatic skateboard to be manipulated by the weight transfer of the sensing user. It works like this: by stepping on the front or back of the skateboard with one foot, the system can determine the weight distribution of your skateboard and speed control. The forward and front tilt indicates acceleration, and the backward and backward tilting indicates the brakes. This means no longer having to grind the soles off the rough ground or long distances.Single Electric Skateboard

             The Zboard is fitted with a 400-watt engine and has two variants: one with a speed of 24-kilometer/hour, 8-kilometer for the Standard Edition, and the other at 27-kilometer/hr, 16-kilometer-way professional. The price is $600 and 850 dollars, respectively, the conversion of RMB 3780 and 5355 yuan, prior to March 15 in advance there is a corresponding discount.Single Electric Skateboard