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Universal Hacker Electric Scooters Are Also Vulnerabilities
Dec 05, 2016

It was reported that a security company, security experts have designed an invasive method of electric scooters, the weekend they present their findings at the Black Hat Conference.

It was reported that the Stripe and eBay security specialists Richo Healey and Mike Ryan devised an invasive method of electric scooters, they DEF CON, held in Las Vegas at the weekend meeting in 2015 present their findings.

Healey had found, as long as the electric slide after strong local Bluetooth radio noise, it will stop.

Based on his initial findings, coupled with friends Mike Ryan's help, Healey has developed a technology, which would allow him to control the electric skateboard, is is also depends on the controller will stop, while enabling the permanent failure of brakes, can even run the electric skateboard goes backwards.

Boosted, E-Go, Revo and other well-known electric skateboards there are security vulnerabilities

This technique is called FacePlant, apply to Boosted electric skateboards, and other for E-Go electric-driven skateboard technology Road Rash also apply Boosted motor-driven skateboards. As reported by Wired, the Revo electric skateboard is a security vulnerability, but researchers don't have time for the skateboard developed targeted attack.

According to the two experts of the study, due to the slide of the remote control and Bluetooth communication is not encrypted between the electric motor and can easily be invaded by hackers, don't need to spend too much to control the skateboard.