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What Are The Parts Of Electric Skateboard Parts
Jul 07, 2017

              1, the board surface, 1, generally with five floors, seven layers, nine layers of maple wood microwave cold suppressed into. There are also aluminum alloy, carbon fiber and other materials made of the Panel. Now the board surface, the plate end of the board is upturned. Personal favorite Plate type is 20cm*81cm size, plate head slightly round plate surface. 22cm above the board surface, basically can be regarded as the U-Pond Board, its board can accommodate the foot of the place more, make it in the U pool more robust. 19cm or so, most of the board is in the flat road conditions used in the board surface, the second class board with small wheels, to do a flexible, fast. In addition, the Board of different companies, the depth of the foot is not the same. Some slippery hands like the foot of the deep plate, so that it can be more convenient to make and flip the action related to the board, do Ollie more stable.Electric Skateboard Parts

             2, sand, 1 sheets, glued to the surface of the board, to increase the friction with the soles, easy to control the skateboard.

             3, bridge 2, is made of metal parts, it is fixed on the underside of the plate, the wheels on the bridge. A bridge can make a child turn and adjust its turning speed and angle.Electric Skateboard Parts

             Frame parts: Frame plate, oblique tube, front tube, head tube, folding mechanism, sandpaper, tyre part: Front fork, wheel rear wheel, bowl group, mud removal, Steering part: t-turn, hand brake, gloves, and is the brake part, some high-end will use disc brakes, plus brake, general on the direct mud except and brake integration, foot brake.Electric Skateboard Parts