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Will A Single Electric Skateboard Play A Key Role In The Last Mile?
Jun 16, 2017

    At present, many large cities exist such a phenomenon, is the "last mile" problem. The last mile may refer to the distance from the subway station to the company, perhaps the distance from home to the subway station, perhaps the distance from the parking lot to the cinema. In short the distance is very short, but not the right way to traffic, in many cases can only walk. And the motorbike cycling, is such an Internet short-distance travel solution, is no pile of vehicles through the car mode of intelligent hardware. People can quickly rent and return a motorbike through a smart phone, with a affordable price to complete a few kilometers of the city riding. The current motorcycles have been popular in Beijing and Shanghai. At the "2017 CES" Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA, Hyundai Motor has brought its own short-distance transport solution, an electric scooter that can be folded.Single Electric Skateboard

    The electric scooter was released with the modern autopilot. Hyundai Motor on the future development of the car to determine the trend after an attempt. Is not the name of a car. In this series will be the birth of hybrid cars, plug-in hybrid cars, pure electric vehicles, automatic driving cars, and so a variety of products for the future development. Modern launch of this folding scooter has three advantages: one is small, very portable, even after folding can be placed in a backpack. Second, light, one hand can be raised, that is, girls will not be laborious. Three can be placed in the car charging, for this scooter in the car set up a charging interface. You can always put the trunk to charge. The drawbacks of this folding scooter also have two: First, the use of the scene is subject to great restrictions, the current road can only be used in very good city, if the road is not flat, it is very small tires and very low chassis Will be overwhelmed. Second, in the current battery technology has not yet broken the conditions, full of power after the distance has yet to be improved.

   The last mile, who will become mainstream? For short distance traffic travel, the market has been the birth of many types of transport. Driven by the way, the electric drive is becoming the mainstream, even the human drive, will also design a very effort. From the price point of view, sharing the bike certainly the cheapest, the price of electric drive expensive. From the use of the way, the bike is shared use, while the other can only be their own purchase. The strongest advantage of the cycling cycle is to share, save the cost of the use of consumers, to solve the ordinary people of the short distance travel problems. The disadvantage is that at this stage can not be universal to the country, and the amount of delivery is not big enough, then use the time also need to take the time to find a bicycle, and human pedal is not the future trend. Other power-driven, whether it is a wheelbarrow, or the modern launch of the folding scooter, the advantage is time-saving use of time-saving, but the cost is high, but also subject to the battery, road conditions and other conditions constraints, more people just put them as Is a toy, not a vehicle.Single Electric Skateboard

So I think whether it is a bicycle or electric scooter, is not the final solution. Perhaps the future of new, more convenient short distance travel, or the need for technological breakthroughs.Single Electric Skateboard