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World Limit Competition Asian Station Ended 12-year-old Skateboard Prodigy Shining
May 16, 2017

World Limit Competition Asian Station ended 12-year-old skateboard prodigy shining 

Shanghai May 1 (Reporter Zong Chenliang) After four days of fierce competition, 2012 World Extreme Sports Competition Asia 

Station 1 in Shanghai came to an end. In this brilliant "visual feast", the 12-year-old skate child Tom Shar became the most

 dazzling star.

Has a 14-year history of the world's extreme sports contest Asia Station is a concern "extreme carnival", the game with reference to the US extreme sports competition standards, a total of round, skateboard, limit cycling and other eight 

official events.

In the game, only 12-year-old American child Tom Shar station near the 10-meter-high limit when the thrift, the scene tens

 of thousands of viewers can not help but nervous for him. However, the first time to come to China to participate in the United States skate prodigy no stage fright, in the completion of the difficulty of a high degree of 1080 degrees swivel, 

and the successful interpretation of the reverse 1080 degrees swivel. Eventually he defeated the skateboarders of the well-

known Garni, Andy MacDonald, Bob Boen Qwest and other famous, with 94 points high score as the limit contest Asian station 

history, the youngest champion.

Become the most dazzling star of the audience, little Tom seemed shy, he said: "I like the thrift, like the rapid glide, flying at high altitude feeling." At the same time he modestly said to be able to Andy, Bob Extreme master game with him so 

he was very happy.

It is not easy for Tom to finish the game with his knees. Since then, the "skate child prodigy" also insisted on taking part 

in the skateboard U-style game, won the fourth, championship skateboard legend Andy MacDonald get.

Among other projects, the extreme sport has a long history of the United States, Australia's eye-catching performance. Among 

them, the Australian player Vince Byron won the limit cycling U series champion, his compatriots Brian with a stable play to 

win the BMX Tournament champion. In addition, the fifth U-stage champion Ansai warriors did not surprise the sixth time in 

Shanghai won the trophy, and his brother Anhe Rong Ren won the runner-up. US player Chad Klee won the title of the cycling 


Extreme sports came to China is not long, but after the training of the world extreme sports competition, the number of 

Chinese extreme sports fans has been considerable. The number of spectators after the first time last year exceeded 60,000, 

this year's game four days to attract a total of more than 67,000 spectators admission, a new record high. It is worth mentioning that the Chinese women's legends Sun Wen 1 day also came to the scene match. She said that both the extreme sports 

or football, have to pay a hundred percent effort, the most important thing is to enjoy the fun of sports.

AddNo.2,House,No.21 Heyuan,Nanming District,Xinchang,Zhejiang Province,China

Contact:alex Lv